Creating Stories With Frames and AudacityKent Manning


Your students can tell stories using Frames and Audacity software.

Frames is software developed by Tech4Learning and is multimedia authoring software, originally designed to create stop motion animations. You know the ones where clay figures are animated to tell a story.

Download: Frames - OSAPAC Licensed - There will be install disks available to Publicly Funded Schools

Audacity is free software and is used to record voices and mix sounds with the voices. It is widely used in Ontario schools and may even be on your image.

Download: Audacity - Free cross platform sound editor

Audacity Tutorial

I'll be focussing on personal narrative stories and stop motion stories. We'll talk about project ideas and you'll get a chance to try both Frames and Audacity.

Many of the technology infused writing samples you'll see at my station are from a Writing Continuum Matrix we've developed at our school district. As well, I lean heavily on Media Literacy Expectation 3.4 of the Ontario Curriculum Creating Media Texts and have created a website to list some of the possibilities.

  • Digital Storytelling with Frames

  • Stop Motion Animation - Testimonial from a High School Student

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