Before the Minds on Media day:1. If you haven't done so already, create a Google account. (We can help with this on the MoM day, too!)2. Think about a few learning tasks that are best done collaboratively. If you wish, tell us about a couple of collaborative tasks.
On the Day:Drop by and learn how Google Docs can
  • empower your learners,
  • support their collaboration,
  • help you interact with your learners and your class within a collaborative, online workspace.

How does having an evolving, shareable, collaborative document online change the access and the facility of the learning for students?How does such a learning environment change the process and the resulting work for you and your learners?

What ARE Google Docs ?
Teachers and Principals Talk about Google Docs
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Google Docs in Plain English

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Working with Google Docs• Documents• Presentations
• Forms• Drawings• Spreadsheets
Formalizing the Use of Google Docs in your Organization
Google Apps for EducationGoogle Apps Education Training Centre

Questions ??Please feel free to contact me with question about Google Docs and their use in classrooms ...

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